Health Services Facilities

Integrations is partnered directly with HIT4Mac a medical technology company that has been modernizing medical workflow for many specialties of medicine since 2009 when the healthcare reform initiative began. We have extensive experience in the healthcare industry and understand medical environments and the workflow protocols that are crucial to these types of facilities. Smart automation technology is a useful tool in the medical workspace and contributes to substantial efficiencies.

As hospitals and research labs modernize to take advantage of 21st century medicine and medical practices, Savant intelligent control systems can help streamline and harness the various healthcare technologies, patient information and training objectives and procedures.

Savant can take control of the entire complex or medical center, providing single-room or central intelligent lighting, climate control, content delivery and more—making the critical workday for nurses, doctors and other clinical staff more productive and efficient.Health Services Facilities

In children’s hospitals, Savant entertainment solutions can help to remove medical concerns from a child’s mind by creating kid-friendly video game and media rooms for their enjoyment.