Cutting Edge Communications

Complete communications systems used to be just telephones and intercoms. With the advent of the Internet, video and computers, communications systems are now connecting homes and businesses in ways never before possible.

Network Communications

Computer networks were once only seen in business applications. Now, homeowners are finding the need for high-speed computer access, and networking of several computers. From installation of basic network wiring, to complete network configuration, Integrations works with national service providers to bring high-speed Internet access into your home or business. A complete communications system can connect your home to the world.

Residential Structured Wiring Systems

Technology allows fantastic resources for entertainment, education, and communication. However, to enjoy these benefits, the wiring in your┬áhouse must be technology ready, something not possible in most homes that are wired to standards created in the 1950’s!

New construction is the perfect time to plan and execute a well thought out wiring plan. Modern systems integrate many types of wiring including; telephone, intercom, video, audio, and computer networks into a simple integrated package. Structured wiring not only makes for a neat and clean look, but also enables easy modular upgrades and additional growth in the years to come. Integrations also specializes in replacement and conversion of older wiring systems.

Telephone Systems

Integrations is well experienced in designing and installing single or multiple line telephone systems. Utilizing the latest in wired and wireless communications, and with regard to your existing wiring, Integrations can provide a custom solution that will grow with your needs and provide years of reliable service. We work with some of the finest manufacturers in the business, and know just how to match your budget with your requirements.

Video Intercom Systems

Whether you are managing your business or managing a home, video intercom systems provide added safety and security. Video intercom systems can be used with single or multiple camera locations and can help identify visitors while providing two-way communications through you telephones.