Electrical and Lighting Design

Residential electrical wiring and systems are quickly evolving, creating opportunities for homeowners to take advantage of new innovations in the form of new products and services never before thought possible. At Integrations, our system designers and electricians, and technicians are trained to provide a finished product that will grow with your needs and integrate seamlessly with your other systems in the home, such as communications and security systems.

Electrical and Lighting DesignNew Construction Electrical Wiring

New construction is the perfect time to carefully plan and design a state of the art electrical system. Planning from the start provides for cost savings, and custom placement of outlets, switches, controls, lighting, and entertainment systems.

If your plans are to add additional integrated components at a later time, you can still take advantage of the design of a complete wiring system with your new construction. This provides tremendous savings in the long run, and you are assured that the system will work seamlessly with your new components at a later date.

Renovation Electrical Wiring

Older homes and pre-existing wiring may not be able to support the latest in custom lighting, entertainment, and modern communications. At Integrations, we are constantly evaluating evolving technologies so that we may provide solutions as to how to bring the latest innovations to existing homes in the most cost-effective manner.

Electrical and Lighting DesignLandscape Lighting

Lighting your landscape not only adds beauty to your home, but also provides added security. A home with a well-illuminated landscape is less likely to be a target of crime. Landscape lighting also adds to the resale value of your home. Our staff will work with your landscape designer to create the perfect outdoor atmosphere for your home.