Home Automation & Control

Traditionally, homes with electronic systems had independent controls for audio, video, lighting, security, window coverings, cameras, climate, etc. With home automation & control  homeowners can control all these systems at once, adding great power and convenience to their homes from a single wireless or in-wall touch panel.

Imagine pressing one button and having the morning news come on, the climate controls adjust for your shower, the window coverings open so you can enjoy the sunrise and the security system disarmed. And just as the sun starts to set… lights start to brighten gradually, temperature adjusts, the blinds close for your privacy and the security system is set. Of course you could also do this based on time of day, making your smart home the most elegant alarm clock imaginable. You can enjoy this power and convenience of home automation & control in your home, whether our team retrofits it using wireless technology or incorporates it as your dream home is being built.  Don’t just build a home—build a smart home, instead!

Apple Device Integration

Few technologies have revolutionized the home automation industry the way the Apple iPad has, designed to deliver an unprecedented level of efficiency and simplicity.


At the center of a well-designed home security monitoring system is the security camera system that allow homeowners to visually monitor every part of their property.

Lighting Control

With one touch, turn lights off and on inside and outside the house, highlight nooks and artwork, adjust for entertaining, and shut down everything for the night.

Climate Control

Change the temperatures in rooms based on the time of day, usage of the room, outdoor temperatures and sun’s angles from a simple touch panel, or remotely from anywhere in the world.

Energy Management

Integrate lighting, climate control, window coverings and A/V on a single switch. Create “Home” and “Away” scenes to improve functionality and conserve energy with the touch of a single button.

Home Theatre

Enjoy effortless control of audio/video equipment, pre-set to your specific preferences on one intuitive touch screen, which also controls drapes, lighting and climate to create an intimate environment for incredible entertainment.