Lighting Control

Imagine a home where moods can be created with a single touch, where ordinary cabinetry becomes a beautiful work of art. Integrations can make all of this possible with lighting control for your home or business. For business applications, dynamic lighting can create an atmosphere that helps sell products or services. We can help you turn your showroom, office space, or eating establishment into a space that will make a lasting impression on your clients, and create a comfortable workplace.

Conserve Energy with Lighting Control

Lighting controlLighting control/automation does more than dim lights and create moods. Microprocessors and automation can learn when rooms are being occupied, resulting in energy savings to offset the cost of installation. High efficiency lighting helps achieve brighter, more efficient results, while using less power. Central control systems can tie all of the lighting into one location, so that you can monitor and control your lighting costs.

Landscape Lighting

Lighting your landscape not only adds beauty to your home, but also provides added security. A home with a well-illuminated landscape is less likely to be a target of crime. Landscape lighting also adds to the resale value of your home. Our staff will work with your landscape designer to create the perfect outdoor atmosphere for your home.

Lighting control