Intrusion Alarms

Intrusion AlarmsIntegrations offers high-resolution graphic touchscreen that functions as an integrated security system keypad, home controller, camera viewer and digital picture frame in one. iPad and iPhones can also be customized and used locally or remotely to monitor and manage these systems as well. These solutions seamlessly integrate security with cameras, thermostats, lights, locks and shades.

A built-in web server lets end-users control our systems anywhere in your home and view live video on up to four local cameras per screen on an iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Internet TV or any compatible wireless mobile device.

Intrusion AlarmsWhen controlling the security system or other functions within the home, Integrations can set up custom controllers using iPhones & iPads to simplify operation. Homeowners can receive important alerts about events remotely through push notifications and even access their home through remote connectivity applications. Customize your controllers by setting up personalized screens for all of your access control devices.