Residential & Commercial

New Construction and Renovation Electrical Systems

New construction is the perfect time to carefully plan and design a state-of-the-art electrical system.  Early stage planning provides cost savings and enables custom placement of outlets, switches, controls, and lighting.  If plans include adding additional integrated components at a later time, pre-wiring for these components during construction will not only be cost effective but will ensure that the system can be upgraded as technology and needs change over time.

Older homes and pre-existing wiring may not support the latest in custom lighting, entertainment, and modern communications.  At Integrations, Inc., we evaluate evolving technologies in order to bring the latest innovations in a cost-effective manner.  We also retrofit LED lights and lighting systems.

Lutron Residential and Commercial Solutions

For over 30 years, we have been designing, installing, supporting, upgrading and servicing Lutron Lighting Control Systems including Homeworks, Interactive and Illuminations, QS, Radio RA2, Ketra and Shading systems.

LED Lighting Conversions and Upgrades

Old incandescent and fluorescent lighting may be converted to new LED technologies to maximize dimming functions and energy efficiency.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

New and retrofit charging stations can be easily installed to support the latest in vehicle technology.

Surge Suppression

The design and installation of surge suppression will protect homes and businesses from electrical surges.