Residential & Commercial Services

Gate at House

Traditionally, home and business electrical systems had independent controls for lighting, security, access control, video surveillance, window shades, thermostats, and audio.  With today’s technologies, these systems may be a part of a home or business network, enabling property owners to control all these systems with a single device, adding convenience and ease of use.

As the day begins, lights gradually come on, and window coverings open, and the security system disarms.  As the sun sets, lights brighten gradually, thermostats adjust, blinds close for privacy, and the security system arms.

Cameras on building

Utilizing Ketra technology, natural illumination is simulated using LED lights to dynamically shift color, temperature, and intensity throughout the day.  This inventive lighting provides wellness benefits to indoor occupants, synchronizing their circadian rhythms to support better health.  These lighting systems may be installed in existing homes using wireless technology or incorporated into the construction of a new home.